Monday, October 16, 2017

STK Pre-sale (Altcoin) - A new era payment

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Pre-sale (October 30th, 17:00 UTC, ends November 13th, 16:59 UTC) = 20% discount, minimum buy-in of 85 ETH, maximum buy-in 1700 ETH
Sale (November 13th, 17:00 UTC, ends November 24th, 16:59 UTC)
Tier 1 = 10% discount first 48 hours of sale, minimum buy-in of 0.07 ETH, maximum buy-in 1700 ETH
General, post Tier 1= After 48 hours of sale, no discount, minimum buy-in of 0.07 ETH, maximum buy-in 1700 ETH

Total token supply: 1 billion (1,000,000,000) STK, of which:
  • 55% will be sold to public in the token sale
  • 25% will be held in reserve by STK Global Payments in order to fund future transactional costs & expand liquidity pool for future growth
  • 10% founders and team
  • 5% advisors
  • 5% covers costs of the token sale (bounty and referral programs)
Total STK: 1BN STK
TokenSale: 550MM STK
Price Rate: 1 ETH = 1489 STK
Minimum buy-in = 0.07 ETH

"On November 13, 2017 STK (“STK Global Payments”) will conduct a Token Generation Event (TGE) and will make the STK token available for purchase on the STK token sale site ( The STK token will enable real time point of sale (POS) transactions directly from users’ private cryptocurrency wallets.
We predict the ability to make purchases in-store and online using cryptocurrencies will speed up mass adoption of the technology. The STK token is part of a global solution to facilitate borderless transactions. To make instant payments at point of sale from a blockchain wallet requires we do a real-time exchange
of cryptocurrency into fiat. The STK token provides access to our state channels which a) ensure there is sufficient cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin, Ether) in the digital wallet and b) users spending fiat at point of
sale will complete the purchase from their cryptocurrency assets. STK automatically opens a state channel between each user and STK’s own wallet. STK tokens fund the transaction, much like gas funds Ethereum
transactions. The first implementation will be with STACK’s digital wallet. STK tokens will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain and adhere to the ERC20 protocol."

STK Global Payment’s vision is to create a globally accessible alternative to traditional banking, allowing you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including
crypto by using the STK token, right from your smartphone, using the STACK app. Creating a digital wallet as a companion to a traditional card solution, the STACK app enables you to use any of your currencies at point of sale, anywhere in the world.

STACK is an alternative to traditional banking with a better way
to spend, save and share your money, fee-free and straight from
your mobile. Our app provides its members with smart solutions to
personal finance, with features like real time notifications, effortless
savings, financial IQ and mobile tap-to-pay functionality. STACK
is creating a community of users who celebrate the moments that
matter most by sharing stories of transactions on the STACK World
Stream. The STACK wallet is a working product that currently is in
private beta with a waiting list of 20,000 people > > Learn more >>

eth address : 0x2c0eDEbE9AE49BcAF6396c0F773Db4986a6Ea34D