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Sunday, August 6, 2017

WorkingForBitcoins > Learn More is a site geared to help employees and freelancers with platform to conduct business using Bitcoins and potentially other crypto currencies.  It provides an open platform, so that anyone around the work can access the site and view the current job postings, and bids without needing to sign up.

Here are some cool current features I currently provide:

* Pay and get paid with bitcoins
* Applicable internationally without any additional steps
* Rating based on reviews
* Direct P2P Payments
* Funds Verification
* Wallet Address kept private
* Payments and transactions verified independently using Blockchain
* Low Fees
* No commission fee from freelancers
* One way initiation communication


**Direct P2P Payments** - The site will not require the employee to deposit any funds into the site. All founds will be kept by the employee and transferred directly to the freelancer.  This does bring up questions, and risks to both parties. However, the best approach to this will be for both the employer and freelancer to agree to some milestone system that ensures neither the employee sends out too much funds without evidence of work, and  the freelancer does not do too much work without some compensation. However, with that said, I am planning a implementing a *Guarantee* feature, explained blow.

**Funds Verification** - Employees posting a job, must provide the wallet address with which they will be paying the freelancer with. The system will then provide a verification to bidders as to whether or not current wallet address has the founds necessary to cover the budget posted.

**Wallet Address kept private** - Wallet Addresses are kept from everyone, and only revealed to an employee and a bidder that agree to work together.

**Payments and transactions verified independently using Blockchain** - As payments are made, the system will automatically locate the data using the blockchain, and display it on the page for everyone to see. The transaction links are hidden and only shown to the employee and winning bidder.

*Low Fees* - A low, one time fee for job posters based on their budgets.

During the BETA phase, there will be NO FEES at the beginning!

* *$0.99* - Budge ~ 0-$100
* *$1.99* - Budge ~  $101-$500
* *$5.99* - Budge ~  $501-$2000
* *$9.99* - Budge ~  +$2000

* Compared to *- Posting Fees + 10% of budget! Very similar to other sites, upwork, hireageek, etc.

*No commission fee from freelancers* -  Freelancers will not be charged a commission for their work.

* Compared to ~10% of bid!

**One way initiation communication** - The chat system is developed to be a one way initiator, meaning that, for a chat conversation to exist, the job poster needs to initiate the conversation with a bidder. The only types of conversations that will currently exists will be between a job poster, and a bidder. You can look at it as a one to many relationship.


There is a lot more development that needs to be done, as I continue to work to make it a viable and reliable tool for the bitcoin community.


Here are features I plan on releasing in no particular order:

* Contests
* Guarantee Feature
* File Attachments
* SSL Cert
* Support for additional crypto currencies (Experiencecoin, Litecoin)
* Improved CSS
* Multi Zone Hosting
* Support for multiple languages
* Purchase Bitcoins


**Contests** - Employees will have an option to create a project, or a Contest. Unlike a project, where a employer is looking to hire a single individual/company, a Contest allows the employer to post a job description and have many freelancers have a go at the task and win the contest.

**Guarantee Feature** - The Guarantee option will be something employees can utilize to increase bids/contestants, by transferring the budgets funds to an escrow, and letting the system handle payouts. I decided to forgo this feature at the start as I need to first establish myself as a reliable and trust-able service.  Having created this feature in advanced would have been a wast of resources as it would most certainty not be used. I certainly would not use such a service at site that was newly launched.

**Support for additional crypto currencies (Experiencecoin, Litecoin)** - I potentially plan on adding support for additional crypto currencies, if the site shows any traction. The two that I have currently on the drawing boards are Experiencecoin and Litecoin.

**Improved CSS** - You are likely to run into issues with the responsive design. Issues I hope to resolve.

**Purchase Bitcoins** - If this project does again interest, I plan on implementing a buy bitcoins option, where people that want to use the site, but do not have bitcoins, can purchase it directly through the site. This will be most likely the last thing I will tackle, as it would require serious user base before it becomes viable.

As continue to work on this site I need some help with some questions I have. Please take time to read them and provide your feedback and suggestions!

-To prevent spam as much as possible, I plan on putting limits on the number of bids and job posts a user can make. To do this I have the following questions:

* A limit of 5 bids a week. Is this too low or too high? If so, what would you suggest?
* A limit to 3 job posts a week. Is this too high or too low? If so, what would you suggest?

To by pass the limit, users have the option to upgrade their membership. I have two options in mind:

* Upgrade their membership, and get unlimited for a fee
* Buy additional bids in stacks of 5, 10,  25, for a fee

The difficult part for option one, is that the membership will default to free membership, if the user does not make the membership payment in time, since there is no way to automatically charge a user. With that said, here are the questions I have regarding this are:

* Should I go with the membership option, or the one time buy option? Why?
* What should the fees be regarding each option?


As stated above, the site will verify the funds in the wallet address posted by the employer match the budget posted. In regard to this, I have the following question, what would be the best course of action here:

* Prevent the job from appearing on the site until the funds are verified
* Show the job, but prevent bids until funds are verified
* Show the job, allow bids, but prevent employee from selecting a winner
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