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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Altcoin ICO ( Shopeo The Decentralised Amazon & ICO Hub )

Crowdsale starts on August 10th 12 o’clock UTC.
Crowdsale ends on August 17th 12 o’clock UTC.
Investing will simply be done by sending the desidered amount of ETH to contract address, which will then distribute to each person how much SHP is owed to him.
Conversion ratio is 1 ETH = 4000 SHP –> 1:4000.
Crowdsale target is 25 000 ETH. In case this amount is reached, it will automatically end, regarding from what day or time it is.

TOTAL SUPPLY        = 100 000 000
NAME                        = SHOPEO TOKEN
TICKER                     = SHP

> 1st of August : announcement > 10 of August : beginning of the ICO > 17st of August : End of the ICO

About Shopeo 

Shopeo is a decentralised platform where anyone can sell anything without being able to be stopped. Such things already exist one may say, and he would be right, because there is for example OpenBazaar. But this thing is really empty, and we understood why. This is because it misses the connection between the real world and the global exchanges, and this is what Shopeo aims to. That is why Shopeo, after releasing its platform will start working "for real" to establish partnerships and bring people on the platform. But let's talk a bit more about this platform and what makes it so exciting !


Shopeo will feature a simple product review system, allowing anyone to avoid the bad items. Even better, in its final version the algorithm will itself filter the bad items and put them at the very bottom of the list so that bad sellers are naturally put out without any human intervention.


That is the strong point of Shopeo. Shopeo will offers the ability to sellers to get a gold membership meanings they have met a Shopeo representative that checked what they claim is fully legit and they are not actually scamming people. Once a seller will be verified, Shopeo algorithm will favour it in the searchs, just a bit like the https for websites. To ensure maximum safeness for mainstream customers, each one of these sellers will be associated with an insurance that will refund any object that is damaged during shipping or which never arrive. The scamming seller will then lose its gold membership and get tagged as a scammer, putting it at the very bottom of the search results with clear markings that one shall not buy any of its objects.


What will make Shopeo simply the best e-commerce solution in the world is its decentralised nature. In fact, Shopeo will run on the Ethereum platform and will consist into smart contracts. Anyone will be able to sell anything, without the ability to be stopped by anyone in the world. Yeah, we thought about the same thing.


Fees are low on Shopeo, since only 0,5% is taken on each transaction, and more exciting, that will be only during the beta versions, since in the final release, there will be 0% fees.


Because trust will always be a problem, Shopeo will feature a built-in escrow service assured by Shopeo itself. This feature will be mandatory for any new seller as well as any seller marked as a scammer.


Because people that scammed other will be able to be tagged this way. In fact, after a scammed buyer will be able to prove he got scammed, a Shopeo administrator will be able to get him tagged and reaching the bottom of any research.


Last update blog !


Shopeo X Fargo

Shopeo has partnered with Fargo LLC, a Georgian mining company, to provide actual sellers at launch. But what is Fargo LLC? Fargo LLC is a Georgian mining company offering to people from all over theRead more…



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