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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Altcoin (COSS) Crypto-One-Stop-Solution - Nice Project Token Swap

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BUSINESS PLAN > This is a preliminary business plan of C.O.S.S. PTE. LTD. (aka COSS), a company registered in Singapore in November 2016. The plan starts with the year 2018, and is intentionally formatted as a Pitch Deck due to the infant stage of the project's business planning. The extensive business plan will be elaborated when a more mature stage of the company's product development, a Crypto One Stop Solution (COSS), is reached. COSS represents a multifunctional platform for cryptocurrency users at >Download Full Articles

 >What is a COSS token?

The COSS token is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, developed on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 Token, that enables owners to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by the COSS system for cryptocurrency transactions.The COSS token holders receive revenues to their wallets on a weekly basis. Currently, the revenue share is generated from the transaction fees when payments in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies supported by COSS are sent via the Payment Gateway/POS and/or through the Crypto Exchange. In the nearest future, COSS will adopt other revenue generating Features.


>Total supply:
200,000,000 COSS Tokens
>When will the tokens be released?The COSS tokens will be released after the end of the Token Swap on or by September 20, 2017.

>Exchange Rate:
1ETH = 600 COSS Tokens

>COSS Token Swap (ICO) – Funds Distribution Plan:
  • 50% - IT Development, User Experience, Roadmap Completion
  • 25% - Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 10% - Marketing Plan
  • 10% - Operations
  • 5% - Shareholders, Board of Directors, Advisory Board
25M (out of the total 200M) COSS tokens will be available for pre-sale during the Fire Swap and 130M during the Token Swap of which: 30,000,000 COSS Tokens are allocated to Developers, Staff, Strategic Partnerships, Operations; 10,000,000 COSS Tokens to CAP (COSS Affiliate Program) and 5,000,000 COSS Token to Shareholders/Board of Directors/Advisory Board.
>Escrow System:
All ETH from the Main Token Swap (ICO) that begins on August 8th , 2017 will go into a Multi-Sig Wallet with 3 Signatories.The Release Procedure from the Escrowed ETH Wallet will take place annually based on the approved budgeting presented by the COSS Management:
  • 34% - 2018 Budget
  • 33% - 2019 Budget
  • 33% - 2020 Budget

>Payout Structure:
According to the company's bylaws, each week 50% of the transaction fees collected by COSS through the Payment Gateway/POS and the Crypto Exchange, will be distributed to the COSS token holders.



>Market Exchange 


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