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CDT Specs and Allocation
During CoinDash's Token Sale a total amount of 1,000,000,000 CDT will be created and allocated as follows:

50% - Designated to the Token Sale contributors
29% - Minted for future development, users acquisition & marketing
20% - Allocated for early investors, core team & advisors
1% -  Allocated for social bounty campaign

CoinDash Token CDT

Every feature in the CoinDash platform that gives any financial value to its user will require them to pay a fee with the same notion, users who facilitates the use of a feature which in turn gives financial value to others will be entitled to a reward based on the platform designated token CDT. This creates a creator-consumer relationship between users in the system, not preventing users from being creators and consumers at the same time.

CoinDash's CDT which will be used to pay all fees on the platform is designed to create a direct correlation between the success of the platform and the value of the token. The more people who use the platform, the more fees will be paid, the more CDTs will be bought ultimately pushing the price of them up.

The CDT will be an ERC20 based token making its issuance solely by using a smart contract and allowing it a quick implementation on the Ethereum blockchain and exchanges listing.

>Feature interesting 

you must try beta version application Coindash

Visit link to get access app coindash
You can login with account gmail ... 

What do you guys ? i hope that you will berpartisi in projects that this amazing  !!

Duration13:00 GMT July 17th - August 17th, 2017
Bonus StructureFirst day bonus - 30%
First week bonus - 20%
Second week bonus - 10%
Rest of the Token Sale period bonus - 0%

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>One week left! New Advisor, Meetups, Bonus, New bounty Campaign…

Hello CoinDashers! Only a week to go until our Token Sale opening shot, as we approach it, more important information will be released. >Readmore

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