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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Edgeless ( make double your coin high )

*About edgeless

The Ethereum smart contract-based Casino offers a 0% house edge and solves the casino transparency question once and for all. 
edgeless casino is fully transparent since it is based on Ethereum Smart contracts. All Ethereum smart contracts are non-changeable and publicly available for everyone to see and examine.
How Edgeless Casino is transparent?
Edgeless casino is fully transparent since it is based on Ethereum Smart contracts. All ethereum smart contracts are non-changeable and publicly available for everyone to see and examine. 
- Edgeless Casino players will trust that the casino will not able to cheat against them. EDG shareholders will alway be sure of that.   
- Edgeless Casino is transparent by providing full disclosure of the amount of profit earned. 
- EDG shareholders will be able to trust that in 30 days cycles, they will be transferred 40% of Edgeless’s profit to their wallets by non-changeable smart contracts.

*Casino profits and 0% (0.83% in practise) house edge concept. 
There are several ways how Edgeless Casino can be profitable. Edgeless Casino provides games which depend on LUCK+SKILL and Sports Betting. 

The first two games provided will be Blackjack and Video Poker. Both games are played with a combination of LUCK and SKILL. That means players make choices and either play well or poorly. To give an example of such a situation: 

House has a 6 card.  
The player has 16.  
The player wants to collect at least 17 and hits for one more card. - BAD MISTAKE.  
The player just made a huge error, because, 12+ against 6 ALWAYS STAYS. (according to Blackjack basic strategy) 

An average player does not play ‘the perfect game’ therefore, in the long run the casino makes a profit from his mistakes.  

An analogy can be taken from poker. A new player is playing against a Pro. Both have equal probability conditions - 50% vs. 50%. However, the Pro player makes better choices and the new player makes bad decisions, and in the long run, the Pro wins. 
Look at this EXTENSIVE RESEARCH  from players’ mistakes in Blackjack - on average they give away an 0.83% edge to the casino. 
And that's exactly what the casino will earn - 0.83% which is the same as playing dice with an 0.83% house edge 

The second stream of profit comes from sports betting. Sports Betting connects bettors against each other, charging vig / juice / rake from each side for their bets. In this area, the casino will earn 4% from all money wagered. An analogy can again be taken from poker. Imagine two players are betting 10$ against each other and the rake is 1%. So, they are actually betting 9.90$ and winner gets 19.80$.  

More information on how sports betting is making money: 

To sum up - the first stream of profits is from games of luck+skill. The second stream of profits is from Edgeless casino with 0% edge games and is a very strong marketing channel for attracting players to Edgeless Casino. Gamblers can enjoy fair betting conditions, and a good percentage of visitors will do Sports Betting which generates 4% returns to the Casino. 

The concept has not literally come out of the blue - discussions on zero edge casinos are already occurring in the community. 

how to join . just click website :

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