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Monday, February 6, 2017

Chronobank towards the launch!!!

overview is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar way to how Uber disrupted the taxi business and how Upwork represented an evolution in freelancing. 

At, we are challenging the status quo and bringing an alternative to traditional financial systems.
This alternative is a new generation of time-based currencies utilising the latest developments in blockchain technology.Despite soaring interest in distributed ledger technology, there are currently very few blockchain apps poised for mainstream market has been designed by a consortium of professionals with over 100 years of combined recruitment experience, in consultation with experts who can create the software to leverage blockchain technology to solve real-world business problems.Specifically, we want to create a revolution in short-term recruitment within key professions.Our goal is to make a difference to the way people find work and are rewarded for their labour – doing so within a decentralised framework and without the involvement of traditional financial institutions.


*500–2000 BTC

Opening development office in Australia
Developing Labour-Hour software on Ethereum blockchain
Contract Explorer and auditing tools
Creating open-source ChronoWallet and ChronoMint software with basic functionality
Creating of market making bots for major exchanges
Creating documentation
Consulting and support for Business partners
Legal framework for LHAU
LHAU launch
Integration with exchanges
*2000–10000 BTC
Opening operating companies in USA, EU, UK
Legal framework for LHUS, LHEU, LHUK
Integration with major exchanges
Creating open-source ChronoWallet and ChronoMint with full functionality
Creating LH tokens on multiple blockchains: WAVES, NEM, ETC
GUI Improvements
Creating iOS/Android apps
Creating LH Debit Cards (VISA or MasterCard)
Regular participation in conferences oriented on blockchain or HR/tech topics.
Large-scale advertising campaign to promote LH in crypto community and social media
Expansion to countries with unstable currencies to promote LH as a fiat payment substitution:
Asia: Cambodia, Iran, India, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam
Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe
South America: Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela
*10000–20000 BTC
LaborX platform development (fully decentralised version)
Smart hour exchange module development
Small scale market testing of the LaborX system
Expanding LH debit card and integration with mobile payment solutions
UI/UX adjustment for all jurisdictions
Large scale implementation of the LaborX system
Creating a version of LaborX fully compliant with local labour laws in each country
Assembling and maintaining a core team in each country of operation
Technical documentation and LaborX wiki portal creation
Concept development of workplace insurance for all the users of the LaborX system
Organisation of LaborX and fintech related events to increase general awareness of the project.
Large-scale advertising campaign to promote LaborX in crypto community and social media
> 20000 BTC
Funds over 20000 BTC will be transferred to security/guarantee fund and liquidity fund to guarantee additional system integrity and stability. Security/guarantee fund will be the used to immunise the system against short term internal and external shocks. At early stages of the project, it would act as a buffer against the partner companies bankruptcies and possible inabilities of partner companies to settle the issued tokens.

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