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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Matchpool is a decentralized dating and matchmaking protocol, which uses group dynamics in order to help as many participants as possible to find love. It can also be used as a more generic platform for any kind of paid membership community, which can clearly define two sides of a desired interaction or market.

Our platform will consist user generated Pools of individuals.  These Pools can be visualized as a cross between Slack channels and Meetup groups, invite-only groups owned and run by devoted users who act as matchmakers. Upon joining the platform, the user will be asked to provide a number of describing factors. This data is encrypted, and will be used for the user profile and for the purpose of offering the user with preferable custom pools.

The Matchlock
By using our Matchlock feature, which keeps a 50:50 ratio between X and Y, every Pool in the platform remains attractive. If a certain number of X users enters the pool, then the matchlock will stop more X from entering until the same number of Y’s arrive. These Matchlock rules can also be parameterized to any use case where any arbitrary market polarity is required. Also there is no restriction for the X and Y side of the matchlock to be opposites in order to serve any community whatsoever. It is up to the Pool's founder to configure the matchlock parameters according to the kind of community they wish to create.

matchpool social media campaigns have held them.
If you want to follow it please read below: 
the main requirement must have an account bitcointalk: Click the link if you want to register
Like our official Facebook page and get 1 stake while getting the latest of Matchpool amazing journey. On the Facebook page you will see posts from future events we will host and be able to find articles and notification regarding our brand new game changing platform.

In order to join the campaign please fill the following form:
facebook matchpool  klik here !

-Follow the official twitter matchpool here twitter matchpool
-must have a minimum of 50 followers as a condition for participation

matchpool, it has the advantages of an application with the purpose of helping users so that provide ease of access
Matchpool will implement a front-end interface, which will allow users to search for favorable pools in different areas, matched with different interests. Users can search various factors to see if something fits. In the on-boarding process, they will also be shown a list of pools in their area, which fits their particular demographics and interests.

klik here full site :

good luck !!!!!!!!!!
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