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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


with just a click and install the extention you could make it!!!!
The overall idea sounds great, because let's face it, Bitcoin, blockchain, decentralization is the key ingredient that we need in a world where big brother watching us. A more decentralized application based on blockchain, the masses will eventually participate and finally understands how it works, give us simple people more power and freedom finance hopefully. There is a downfall to this also, because participants were more anonymous, and more tools for decentralization to make tools that are easyfor scammers. There is no mention of this in an important issue but the whitepaperthat can occur.
The team behind the Ascendancy like to bring crypto project closer to people, instead it's a thing that all intelligent tech. Involve, starting or even maintain the currencyproject your own crypto should be able in just a few clicks. Obviously when the IPOwas successful and the developers can get to work 
The framework of the powers will be composed of disabled organisation Consensus(Delegation evidence of stock), which offers the user more network security but alsoin terms of Network attack, reward distribution. Stakeholders can rely on safe quick scheme which in turn can be used in many models; voting blockchain, consulting while at the same time it is decentralized. website official

*invesment program 
Ascendency will run an IPO for 42 Days to allow early investors a high chance at becoming a delegate due to the lower price. When the IPO starts on January 27th 2017 at 20:00 GMT registration will become available on 
Our target is a Minimum of 4,800,000 ASC sold. If we do not reach the target by the end of the IPO, we will budget to see what can be done with the current amount of funds and our proposal will be made to investors. Upon this proposal, we will decide whether to continue with the project or to refund investors. At this time funds will be held with escrow and we can discuss the situation with the escrow team. A maximum of 42,240,000 ASC to be sold with 4% to be used for bounties and faucets. If by the end of the IPO we do not reach this target we will still add 4% on for bounties, faucets and other promotional activities. Investment will be used to help development, hire more team members and help with marketing of the project.
this system :

1. 0.0001 BTC / ASC (Jan 27, 2017 20:00 GMT- Feb 03, 2017 20:00 GMT )
2. 0.00011 BTC / ASC (Feb 03, 2017 20:00 GMT- Feb 10, 2017 20:00 GMT)
3. 0.000125 BTC / ASC ( Feb 10, 2017 20:00 GMT- Feb 17, 2017 20:00 GMT)
4. 0.000145 BTC / ASC (Feb 17, 2017 20:00 GMT Feb 24, 2017 20:00 GMT)
5. 0.000145 BTC / ASC (Feb 17, 2017 20:00 GMT- Feb 24, 2017 20:00 GMT)
6. 0.0002 BTC / ASC (Mar 03, 2017 20:00 GMT- Mar 10, 2017 20:00 GMT)

You can see its details in the newspaper his website :

check full information on the

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