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Monday, December 5, 2016


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Zoom6h24h2d4d1w2w1mAllBTC / PM USD09:0012:0015:0018:0021:007. Dec03:0006:0031. Oct7. Nov14. Nov21. Nov28. Nov5. Dec759759.5760760.5761761.5Tuesday, Dec 6, 15:45-15:59 Volume: 0.00063416 BTC / PM USDOpen: 759.49431594High: 759.50311202Low: 759.49431594Close: 759.50311202
update : 07/12/2016

Mercatox e-dompet - dompet satu untuk semua mata uang digital anda! Cepat, nyaman, aman!

Jangan lewatkan mercatox penggalangan dana! Semua orang dapat menjadi menjanjikan saat mulai pemegang saham!
18 hari lagi sampai crowdsale hitung mundur!
Mercatox modern untuk mengakses layanan e-currency dan pertukaran mata uang kripto pasar
Mercatox adalah e-dompet dengan berbagai instrumen pembayaran untuk pribadi dan penggunaan komersial.
Mercatox p2p pun adalah pertukaran mata uang digital.
Baca selengkapnya

MERCATOX Crowdfunding campaign! From 23.11 at 30.11 all buyers getting 5% in bonuses!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the Crowdsale with additional 10% bonus until 23:59 GMT Today!

Crowdfunding campaign MERCATOX
MERCA token will allow you to participate in platform's profit.
As per preliminary forecasts MERCA will grow in value more than 5 times right after crowdsale completion.
First buyers purchased their MERCA already and received 10% of bonuses!
Don’t miss your chance to take part in the Crowdsale with additional 10% bonus until 23:59 GMT November,22

MERCATOX crowdsale has been started! MERCA displayed for sale! All buyers getting 10% in bonuses till November 22nd!
Cost of 1 token is 0.005 BTC. The minimum amount of purchase is 10 tokens.
Amount of purchased “MERCA’s” will be in your wallet right after completion of transaction. At the end of December 2016, right after finishing crowdsale and switching the platform from beta version to stable one, “MERCA” will be traded on the market and will grow in price.

Some information about MERCA and upcoming crowdsale
Our crowdsale will be taking place on November 20th, 2016 at 10:00 AM GMT. Please visit our web site at to learn more about our platform and our plans for future.
There are lots of frequently asked questions about crowdsale and cryptocurrencies lately. For your convenience we have all the answers ready on our web page or just follow link below
It’s been a while since we started planning and realising our project. Cryptocurrency stock exchange was part of that and it has been completed already. By providing promo campaign we are making our project better and extending additional functionalities.
We don’t want to get obsessed with going only in one direction in this field. Digital financial market is growing very fast and our goal is to ensure our platform has all the abilities to successfully accomplish tasks in the world of digital finances. It was come to the conclusion by analyzing today's market that we are ready to provide all those tools and services required by market.
This is huge project and it requires big investments. To convert our ideas in to success we decided to conduct classic crowdfunding. During this campaign we are selling part of platform's profit to investors in form of digital symbols named MERCA.
MERCA is equivalent to securities and will provide steady income to their owners. Upon crowdsale completion Merca will be traded on our stock market along with all other currencies.
During crowdfunding campaign we will be selling 5% of platform's profit. In addition to that we assigned 4000 MERCA on Bounties.
This is limited time offer. We are not planning to sale platform's profit in the future anymore.
Fast growing platform's profit will make MERCA strong and highly profitable and MERCA owners will be paid top dividends.
This is not a fork or crypto coin, which could be lost in enormous amount of platforms, currencies and coins.
This is part of our company's profit.
Market is profitable business and all financial players know it very well. At this stage we would like to offer opportunity to become part of our project to anyone.
And this is only one of multiple services we would like to offer to our platform users and participants. Our ideas are very promising and we can see a reason in current crowdsale campaign.
Digital Financial Market is one of the profitable markets at the moment and we are pretty sure our platform will succeed and will take its own place on the market.
Sincerely yours,
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