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Monday, December 5, 2016


EGAAS - Worldwide Blockchain Platform


Hello Folks  
An update from my previous post about Daylight project. Rebranded their name to eGaaS (electronic Goverment as a Service) was taken for legal action to avoid the same brand with another project.
"Our lawyer has told us that we should not use the name "DayLight", because such a trade mark is already in use, so we changed the name to "Egaas" (Electronic Government as a Service)"
EGAAS is a simple management activity tools in one platform for eliminate complicated bureaucracy that will make Government,business activities and citizen save billions of cash. EGAAS four basic functions efficiently translate traditional common business and goverment activites into modern finance technology using Blockchain. The electronic transaction using blockchain is more secure and faster that will save precious time.
The Four functions are :
  1. Financial system,  
  2. Register structure,
  3. Smart contract algorithm and
  4. Mechanism for formation and execution of smart laws.
EGAAS first round crowdfunding will be held. The countdown was started. Initial Coin Offering will start on November 15, 2016.
For the next four month working on project, Egaas targeted 500.000 USD or 850 BTC. 5,9 Million of EGS Tokens will be offering in ICO 1st round. The EGAAS team will use legendary Sebastianju escrow service.
Here is 1st round ICO Price include bonus

  • 1 day 0.3 M EGS : bonus 60%, 
  • 1st week 1.3 M EGS : bonus 60%, 
  • 2nd week 1.25 M EGS : bonus 10%, 
  • 3rd week 1.2 M EGS: bonus 5%
  • 4th week 1.85m EGS : no bonus

update : 7 december 2016
full site ico :

The EGAAS Application had been released into few OS and its running in lite and full node.

The EGAAS Team

So dont miss your chance to be early supporter Folks.
Join the global blockchain state! Central banks, citizens, courts, Constitution, smart laws. EGAAS invites you into the new world!
You can find all information about EGAAS Project in below links previously named Daylight is a latest altcoin and has a mission to create an international common platfrom for the full implementation of electronic government as a service, which will free up people and businesses as a routine bureaucratic procedures. provides a tool for organizing all of the activities and exercise control over them without the circulation of documents.

The names of team Eaags
  • Oleg Stelerenko :Ceo, Blockchain Developer
  • Alexey krivonogov :Core Developer
  • Andrey Nechaev : Mobile Developer
  • Yuriy Lumakin :Frontend Developer
  • Arthur Pakomov : Science Advisor
  • Nikolay Kapranov :Lobbylist
  • Vitaly Bondar :Legal Counsel
  • Sergey Chernyshev :Science Advisor At IPE Lab
  • Nosova Anna :Public Relasion Manager
  • Aleksandr Boldachev :Advisor/Analyst
  • Ruben Pombuhchan :Advisor At IPE lab

it is a picture of the distribution, if to find out more info you can see website :
about bonus when you join egaas
Sales are divided into 5
  1. 1St day Bonus 50%
  2. 1St Week Bonus 25%
  3. 2Nd Weeek Bonus 10%
  4. 3Rd Weeks Bonus 5%
  5. 4Rd Weeks Not Bonus
Do not forget to join. see a lot of bonus awaits you. When you sign up on the first day

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