Monday, December 19, 2016




Privacy on the Internet?
It’s not an oxymoron.

Kurrent is a new digital currency based on the Zerocoin Protocol. It assures private financial transactions and full anonymity. Kurrent uses Zero-Knowledge proofs in order to ensure that no information about participants of the transactions will go public.
With Kurrent you can prove that you own a coin without revealing which one is yours. During first step called “mint” your coin goes into an accumulator and during the second step called “spend” one can prove that he owns a coin in the accumulator but doesn’t have to indicate which particular coin is his.

Kurrent also the first to introduce true random bonus blocks in zerocoin capable altcoin. This will increase the fun of mining and it employs a true random algorithm so big mining power is not capable of pre-compute the bonus block and then grab it. It is a truely fair system. 

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