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Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017

Be One Token sale - Recommendation Invest ICO Altcoin

> Token ICO Detail

Max. number of tokens
tokens for investors
Token price
0.50$ (USD)

Token price in BTC, ETH, etc.
Equivalent to amount in USD

Planned target
9,000,000 B1 or $4,500,000 USD

* Distribution 

BeOne — is an innovative decentralized online education platform that enables users to make money by sharing skills, knowledge and experience.
>>Take part in webinars and consultations 1:1 and get immediate answers to all your questions!>> Earn more! We offer a wide array of monetization methods and the lowest commission for instructors in the industry (10%)! >>Search for like-minded people and join interest groups. >>Learning together is more fun!Pay only for the modules you need rather than for the entire course!

ICO begins on September 7, 2017, at 12:00 MSK (UTC +3:00).
ICO ends on October 7, 2017, at 23:59 MSK (UTC +3:00) / or once the planned target is fulfilled (meaning that 9,000,000 tokens are sold).


Feb 2017>
Concept development, market research


Start of web application development
June - July>
Internal testing, preparation for fundraising
September - October>
Open testing
Public Beta versions of web platform and mobile app
April 2018 >

Full launch

How to participate in BeOne ICO?

For your convenience, we have created a detailed instruction how to take participate in ICO.

Bonuses for early participants

Within the first 12 hours of ICO, tokens will be available with 50% off.
Within the following 72 hours of ICO, tokens will be available with 20% off.

October 16, 2017

STK Pre-sale (Altcoin) - A new era payment

Official Website

Pre-sale (October 30th, 17:00 UTC, ends November 13th, 16:59 UTC) = 20% discount, minimum buy-in of 85 ETH, maximum buy-in 1700 ETH
Sale (November 13th, 17:00 UTC, ends November 24th, 16:59 UTC)
Tier 1 = 10% discount first 48 hours of sale, minimum buy-in of 0.07 ETH, maximum buy-in 1700 ETH
General, post Tier 1= After 48 hours of sale, no discount, minimum buy-in of 0.07 ETH, maximum buy-in 1700 ETH

Total token supply: 1 billion (1,000,000,000) STK, of which:
  • 55% will be sold to public in the token sale
  • 25% will be held in reserve by STK Global Payments in order to fund future transactional costs & expand liquidity pool for future growth
  • 10% founders and team
  • 5% advisors
  • 5% covers costs of the token sale (bounty and referral programs)
Total STK: 1BN STK
TokenSale: 550MM STK
Price Rate: 1 ETH = 1489 STK
Minimum buy-in = 0.07 ETH

"On November 13, 2017 STK (“STK Global Payments”) will conduct a Token Generation Event (TGE) and will make the STK token available for purchase on the STK token sale site ( The STK token will enable real time point of sale (POS) transactions directly from users’ private cryptocurrency wallets.
We predict the ability to make purchases in-store and online using cryptocurrencies will speed up mass adoption of the technology. The STK token is part of a global solution to facilitate borderless transactions. To make instant payments at point of sale from a blockchain wallet requires we do a real-time exchange
of cryptocurrency into fiat. The STK token provides access to our state channels which a) ensure there is sufficient cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin, Ether) in the digital wallet and b) users spending fiat at point of
sale will complete the purchase from their cryptocurrency assets. STK automatically opens a state channel between each user and STK’s own wallet. STK tokens fund the transaction, much like gas funds Ethereum
transactions. The first implementation will be with STACK’s digital wallet. STK tokens will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain and adhere to the ERC20 protocol."

STK Global Payment’s vision is to create a globally accessible alternative to traditional banking, allowing you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including
crypto by using the STK token, right from your smartphone, using the STACK app. Creating a digital wallet as a companion to a traditional card solution, the STACK app enables you to use any of your currencies at point of sale, anywhere in the world.

STACK is an alternative to traditional banking with a better way
to spend, save and share your money, fee-free and straight from
your mobile. Our app provides its members with smart solutions to
personal finance, with features like real time notifications, effortless
savings, financial IQ and mobile tap-to-pay functionality. STACK
is creating a community of users who celebrate the moments that
matter most by sharing stories of transactions on the STACK World
Stream. The STACK wallet is a working product that currently is in
private beta with a waiting list of 20,000 people > > Learn more >>

eth address : 0x2c0eDEbE9AE49BcAF6396c0F773Db4986a6Ea34D

Sunday, October 8, 2017

October 08, 2017

Altcoin ERC2 Token (ENTROPY HUT34) - On 9 Day

>The Token Sale

The Hut34 token sale is scheduled to begin on the
19th October 2019.
The team is working extensively with its legal,
technology and corporate advisors to ensure the
highest standards of fairness, transparency and
regulatory compliance for its token sale.
Token sale mechanics, terms of sale and
disclosure documents will be published on the
Hut34 website


  • Twitter
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

  • Distribution of Entropy Tokens

    100 Million Entropy will be generated in total, to
    be distributed as follows:
    1. A maximum of 50% of ENT will be sold to
    token sale participants.
    2. A minimum of 30% of ENT will be retained
    by the Entropy Foundation for:
     Platform partnerships,
     developer incentivisation programs,
     Entropy token management
     employee expansion and future
     token sale related expenses.
    3. 20% of ENT will be allocated to the Entropy
    Foundation team members and advisors
    which will be subject to a two year vesting
    schedule with a 6 month cliff. This means we
    will mature one-quarter of our tokens every 6
    All tokens will be held according to industry best
    practices and token issuance will occur at the
    completion of the sale.
    Use of Funds
    All funds received through the Entropy token sale
    will be utilised by the Entropy Foundation as


    The creation of a token based economy offers
    unique benefits and utility to the Hut34 Project. A
    successful token sale will afford the Entropy
    Foundation the full opportunity to fund the
    Hut34 Project to its release and implementation.
    Entropy tokens will provide both access rights
    and act as the sole medium of exchange for
    participants on the Hut34 Network. They provide
    no other rights or benefits to token holders.
    Ownership of ENT Tokens does not entitle
    holders to any earnings of the Entropy
    Foundation, provides no voting or ownership
    rights, nor does it confer holders any legal
    recourse to the Entropy Foundation.
    A total of 100 Million Entropy Tokens will be
    created prior to the token sale. This supply will be
    fixed with no more to be issued.
    As part of its roadmap, The Entropy Foundation
    intends to build or partner with appropriate
    technologies and gateways to facilitate full and,
    where possible, frictionless interoperability of the
    ENT Token with other cryptocurrencies. In a
    sense opening up the economics of our system
    further; whilst of course protecting the needs of
    the Hut34 Project, its participants and associated
    Entropy Token holders.
    The Entropy Foundation and will actively
    monitor the stability of the Entropy Token
    ecosystem and if required, take actions to protect
    the integrity of the Hut34 Project.

    >Token Sale Process

    Hut34 will make use of a sale event to allow for up to 50% of the available ENT (Entropy) tokens to be sold to participants.

    The Sale
    ENT tokens are ERC20 tokens on the etheruem blockchain. The sale and release of all tokens will be managed by a smart contract, whose code will be released and verified publicly on the Etherscan website (not operated by the Hut34 team).

    Participants may be able to forward various crpytocurrencies to the Hut34 team in order to be able to participate, however all recipients of ENT tokens must provide a valid Ethereum address in order to take possession of their ENT.

    The Hut34 team will prepare and release various materials to document and support the process of participation and delivery of your ENT tokens.


    October 08, 2017

    Blockchain User Interface Will Deliver Experiential Value and Speed Up Mainstream Adoption

    Blockchain technology is speedily expanding network communication from just moving information to the transmission of value. The peer-to-peer technology that is powered by Blockchain now permits the transfer of scarce, authenticated and secure value across parties without intermediaries.
    This fundamental aspect of the Blockchain has endeared it to a lot of users who appreciate its intrinsic benefits. However, the normal exclusivity that comes with emerging products makes the need for an interface to bridge the gap between the industry and the external world expedient.

    The industry needs a user interface

    Despite the important values offered by Blockchain technology, the concept behind its entire system is not yet appreciated by regular society. The general public still perceives the technology as an exclusive reserve for geeks and innovators. So far, there exists less than 15 mln Bitcoin wallets and also less than 1.5 mln Ethereum wallets. These two represent the largest crypto communities, other altcoins have a much smaller number of registered wallets. Yet those numbers have numerous duplications. The real numbers must be lower than that. Compared to the population of the world, the fraction of crypto users is still very low, leaving a lot of room for more adoption.
    Like other innovations before it, to become appreciated and to gain much-needed adoption into the mainstream, Blockchain technology needs to become interactive with the average Internet user. Creating a user interface (UI) could turn out to be one of the most significant developments within the ecosystem.
    “Whatever efforts are made to lower the barrier to building value on the Blockchain, the better off we are as innovators and society as a whole. The low-hanging fruit for the developer community is to create the appropriate hooks into the platforms that are available, this will enable regular society to really appreciate the value offered by Blockchain technology in tangible forms.”
    - Melvin Petties, Blockchain Technologist

    Mainstream adoption can be achieved easily

    A clear example of user interface and its benefits to modern day technology is the iPhone and Apple’s App Store.
    The App Store allows anyone to bring ideas to life and access a massive global audience. Since 2008, 300,000 developers have written over two mln apps that have been downloaded around 140 bln times. Prior to the App Store providing the interface moment to mobile, the potential to galvanize a creative army of developers and artists remained unrealized. The App Store opened the door to a staggering era of wealth creation and innovation, and changed the way humanity lives, works and plays.
    Implementing a user interface on the decentralized Blockchain platform is a move that is expected to catalyze the eventual mainstream adoption of the novel technology, and enable the actual transfer of tangible value within the ecosystem.

    An enabling protocol

    BLOCKv, a Blockchain development platform, is introducing a shared protocol for the Blockchain developer stack, this will represent the interface moment in the maturation of the Blockchain sector.
    BLOCKv provides developers with the building blocks to design the experiential economy of the future and unlock new revenue generating opportunities for businesses within this growing ecosystem. The BLOCKv platform enables the creation of smart digital objects on Blockchains unlocking the potential to rapidly engage end-users, and traverse digital and real-world environments.
    These smart objects, called vAtoms (Virtual Atoms) combine code with multimedia elements and are dynamic, compelling digital goods that make a cryptocurrency come alive as an asset for developers, brands and end users.
    BLOCKv’s innovation is geared at transporting the value of elements like a Bitcoin or Ethereumtoken from a simple container or smart contract, to an emotionally satisfying multimedia experience. In other words, the interface is out to demystify the imaginary appreciation of Blockchain entities and deliver them as real elements whose value can be appreciated by the common man.

    Delivering real value

    BLOCKv is introducing a system where cryptos will not only just remain virtual in nature, but can also adopt values in the form of collectibles, coupons, loyalty programs, gift cards and more.
    This is an even more trusted and secure system than the existing App Store, as the BLOCKv platform is decentralized and not owned by any individual or group. Rather, the service is powered by its protocol coin, for and with the developer community.
    The BLOCKv protocol coin ‘VEE’ is set to be offered to the public in an Initial Coin Offering that will be launched on Oct. 12, 2017, at 9 a.m. (EDT).
    BLOCKv ushers in the new experiential economy, by creating virtual goods that:
    • work across any digital platform, including all major devices and virtual and augmented reality systems, allowing users to experience and sell, trade and redeem them anywhere they have access to the Internet.
    • are ownable, maximizing the value/experience for the owners.
    • are built on Blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity, ownership, and control.
    • merge the digital and real worlds, giving users a way to seamlessly exchange digital goods for physical goods.
    • are distinguishable and unique on a per object level, which even today’s cryptocurrency tokens are not.

    Tuesday, October 3, 2017

    October 03, 2017

    Goldman Sachs Contemplates Creating a New Bitcoin Trading Operation

    The Manhattan-based financial management service, Goldman Sachs Group, says that it’s looking into entering the world of bitcoin trading markets according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The publication’s columnist, Paul Vigna, explains that people familiar with the matter say Goldman Sachs is interested in dealing with bitcoin trading markets. The source explained Goldman’s plan is in its “early stages,” but is the first Wall Street firm to show this much interest in the bitcoin trading arena.    

    Hasil gambar untuk bitcoin
    “In response to client interest in digital currencies we are exploring how best to serve them in this space,” a Goldman spokeswoman told both the Wall Street Journal and CNBC news outlets.

    If You Can’t Beat Them — Join Them

    Goldman Sachs interest in bitcoin started off with the firm discounting nearly every benefit the technology had to offer a few years ago. A couple of years down the line the financial management company suddenly couldn’t stop talking about bitcoin and this time highlighting its positive attributes. Goldman Sachs also has technical stock and forex analysts watching the market closely and has given investors trading advice in a few market reports. Just recently a lead technical strategist at Goldman, Sheba Jafari, has been plotting charts and predicting price waves for clients. Reports reveal that the company started covering bitcoin markets due to “numerous client requests.”
    Goldman Sachs Contemplates Creating a New Bitcoin Trading Operation
    Lead technical strategist at Goldman Sachs, Sheba Jafari’s recent bitcoin price predictions.

    Returns on Cryptocurrency Have Been Nothing Short of Spectacular

    According to Vigna’s report, Goldman’s earnings lately have been waning due to poor trading performance in forex markets. Other news outlets this year have stated; that this past summer Goldman has “lost it’s golden trading touch” as the firm lost 40 percent in revenue compared to the year prior. Many cryptocurrency advocates believe Goldman cannot ignore the money being made within cryptocurrency trading markets.    
    “The returns on cryptocurrency have been nothing short of spectacular, and we are excited to see mainstream institutions entering this space,” explains Bharath Rao, CEO of Leverj, the decentralized exchange startup for cryptocurrency derivatives. “Among Wall Street firms, Goldman was one of the first to recognize the potential of bitcoin and the blockchain. Realizing crypto would be a significant part of the financial future is one thing; acting on it is another.”
    A large financial institution will not jump straight into a market until it has checked the boxes for the necessary operational readiness, regulatory certainty, and technical depth.

    Some Bitcoiners Delighted to See Goldman Joining the Bitcoin Environment, While Others Believe the Firm Will Try to Rig the Market

    Some people from the bitcoin ‘community’ expressed delight towards Goldman possibly creating a trading operation over social media and forums, while others disliked the news. One individual sarcastically writes, “fantastic, the vampire squid is gonna get its tentacles into this market and rig it to hell, as they have done with most other markets — Watch as I do cartwheels.”
    Other speculators believe Goldman is already investing in bitcoin similarly to JP Morgan Securities Ltd., executing buying of bitcoin-based exchange-traded notesfor its clients.
    What do you think about Goldman Sachs joining the bitcoin trading ecosystem? Let us know in the comments below.

    Images via Shutterstock Goldman’s Tower, the Goldman Sachs logo and Bloomberg.

    October 03, 2017





     UAHPay was founded by blockchain specialists with strong Cryptography and development skills. Already successful in the online space the founders of UAHPay have now set their ambitions to changing a Nation and restoring trust in the banking system. Using existing blockchain technology and fiat platforms already in place we seek to provide a Cryptobank, ICO trading platform for Ukraine and the World.

    Ukraine has an opportunity to take the lead and attract more resources to its financial market by legalizing all cryptocurrencies. This will be done by Legislation currently being drafted which can include legalization of Cryptocurrencies, mining and ICO market platforms.
    Currently (at the time of this whitepapers writing draft legislation is being worked on which would define Bitcoins status in the country of Ukraine. Once this is defined the Legislation will further expand on Initial Coin Offerings and Marketplace use and possible taxation.
    This would be an extremely positive step for this project as it aims to assist with the legislation and eventually offer services to Ukrainian citizens.

    The UAHPAY Tokens will be allocated among the participants of the Pre-ICO and our ICO. Our advisors and management will also be issued tokens as our business progresses.
    PRE-ICO Participants will be allocated 10% of all tokens issued
    ICO Participants will be allocated 40% of all tokens issued
    SECONDARY COIN OFFERING participants will be issued 30% of all tokens
    Management Team and Employees will be allocated the 9% of all tokens remaining over time for performance bonuses. 1% of all tokens will be used for bounties during the Pre-ICO and ICO phase.
    Advisors & Political Advisors will receive 5% of all tokens for their insights and guidance.
    The final 5% of our issued tokens will be used as a company reserve for future project investment and lobbying efforts in Ukraine.





    Monday, September 25, 2017

    September 25, 2017

    Just few days more - MINEXCOIN will be up profit project Altcoin

    Congratulations for holder Miexcoin !

    Dear Minex community!
    We continue to inform you about our latest updates. How you can remember we’ve told about MinexCoin Explorer upgrade on Friday. Today we glad to announce our first MIP (“MinexCoin improvement proposal” otherwise), a rule document with all the information of MNX coin evolution. Updates this MIP provides will help us to meet all requirements and make sure that we’ll receive all the confirmations from the list of exchanges which our team will apply soon.
    Actually, the list of them looks like this right now:
    Well, what about MIP? First version of the MinexCoin showed really good results, but also revealed several bugs, backdoors, and defects that could have influenced the security of the whole system. Hopefully, the team has solved each of them and modified some pieces of the system. You can see a whole list of changes below:
    • Fixed float point inaccuracy in MinexBank commission calculation.
    • Removed ability to burn coins (starts since 24000 block height).
    • Added validation of correct Minex Bank’s address and commission during consensus since 24 000 block height.
    • Solo miner periodically checks existence of new transactions which appear after block template generation to create more transactions filled blocks.
    • Added new IPs to start boost nodes list.
    • Fixed node crashing while receiving block with a bad equihash solution.
    • Added field that describes MinexBank commission to the block template for mining pool.
    • Project building with the latest version of sodium 1.0.13.
    • Upgraded build guide documentation for all operating systems.
    • Renamed executable files according to Minex naming convenience.
    • Removed some compilation warnings during project building
    • Created notification widget in client gui wallet application to notify users about new version of product.
    • Changed font colors, navigation icons, public urls, and tab titles according to Minex designing guide in client gui wallet application.
    All changes were implemented at the 24000 block height. Yes, we informed you that MIP was supposed to happen at the 22080 block height, but miners pool didn’t have time to lock the upgrade on that height. By the way, this implementation process also has had some impact on the system workability and has caused some breakdowns in the work you might saw on the end of the past week.
    Please mind, MIP requires an updated version of MNX wallet ( version) which you can download here: Site or BitcoinTalk.
    You can install new wallet version following our guide:
    1) Find your current wallet.dat file in Minexcoin directory
    C:/Users/[User’s Name]/AppData/Roaming/Minexcoin (for Windows systems).
    /home/[User’s Name]/Documents (for Linux systems)
    Libraries/Application Support/Minexcoin (for Mac OS systems)
    2) Copy your wallet.dat file into a safe place
    3) Remove all files from Minexcoin directory
    4) Download new wallet version (Site or BitcoinTalk)
    5) Copy your wallet.dat file back to the Minexcoin directory
    6) Run the application
    Our support will be happy to help and guide you with this process if any questions. Please contact us using or via our Telegram chat and our Slack channel.
    All the technical specifications and updated code of MNX you can find at our official GitHub account. More detailed information about MIP will be featured in the same place.
    MIP provides an opportunity to adopt improved version of MNX coin for stable and secure trading on the main cryptocurrency exchanges that will happen in no time!

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